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Advantages of Flat Fee Real Estate Agents
The traditional and most common method of paying the realtor is where you pay them based on a commission calculated on a percentage of the sales price, but there is also a less common method referred to as a flat fee method where the agent is paid using an inclusive price that is predetermined before the sale is made hence avoiding unfeasible commission structure on the side of the realtor but is also advantageous to the seller as discussed in the following advantages.
To start with, you will save more money as the seller whereby you will save a good amount compared to paying using a commission, depending on the flat fee service you go for, which comes about when you avoid costs like paying the agent of the buyer and you will be paying for access to the MLS, which is the way agents and buyers get to find your home and one of the most cheap ways to do this is using the pay per day model where you pay the agent for the number of days that your house is listed in the MLS meaning that making a fast sale would cost you less, unlike in commission pay which is dependent on the amount you sell without regarding to the speed of the sale.
The next advantage is that with this method, you will need less commitment because you are free to go whenever you want as long as you have paid the agency fee unlike is the case of a full service agent, where you are bound to their terms and conditions that lock you in the agreements until the home is sold and this freedom is important because it gives you the power to fire the agent when there is no result, when they give you misleading advice, when they do not pay attention to your needs or when you disagree.
Finally, the flat rate agents will offer only few services that are essential to you and in turn charge less because some of the services offered by the other agents are not essential to you and must be paid for, and they include tracking showings, scheduling the closing, placing a sign in your yard, listing your home in the MLS, marketing your home to other agents, helping your negotiate offers, guiding you through the sales contract, printing marketing brochures, working with you to determine the selling price, arranging for professional photography, arranging on inspections and negotiating repairs.

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